Monday, September 22, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

A blog I absolutely love Farm Fresh Jessica takes part in this meme. I think it's wonderful! If you want to take part too, just surf on over to The Simple Woman and she'll tell you all about it! Here's my Daybook for today:

Outside My Window...the sun is shining and my dogs are romping around
I am thinking...about our appointment at the bone marrow transplant center tomorrow
I am thankful family!!
From the kitchen...I keep looking for the cooking fairy but she's not there so I guess I'm gonna have to go figure out something for dinner
I am pants and a multicolor comfy top but I'm getting ready to go put on some sweats
I am creating...ideas for my scrapbooking bible study page that I need to work on during our Friday night meeting
I am reading...Twilight...again
I am hoping...that the news tomorrow is amazing and that we are able to attack this cancer and put it way behind us!!
I am hearing...SwimBoy watching TV, CarGuy puttering around the porch, and Peanut & Perdy playing
Around the house...laundry to fold, mail to sort, vacuuming to do, dishwasher to unload, garden to tend, and family to love on
One of my favorite things...garlic macadamias!! (Thanks for bringing those in Ms. T!)
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Finish up the uniform order for the restaurant, shred and freeze zucchini, jar up some pickles, attend choir practice, go to my scrapbooking bible study, and shop for fabric for the halloween costumes at work.
Here is my "picture thought" I am sharing...
I still can't understand how those cute little baby feet turned into these size 13 flippers that SwimBoy walks around on!! Don't worry, I've apologized for giving him the DNA for finger-toes although they do come in handy when you drop stuff!

If you decide to participate, leave me a comment so I can come check out your Daybook!


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I wish the cooking fairy would visit me too.

Hope the appointment goes well tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you.

Aubrey said...

How neat! I will have to remind myself to participate next time!

BTW, you will be in my thoughts tomorrow and I will be hoping just like you!


Shannon said...

I've never been visited by the cooking fairy, either.

Will be thinking of you... hope tomorrow's appt brings good news.

Kori said...

Oh thank goodness for finger toes. I haven't had to bend over to pick anything up mostly my whole life. Thanks so much for the kind words. I pray you guys get some good news.