Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Updates and Creepy Habits

CarGuy's appointment went great today! His levels are getting where the doc wants to see them and he even released him to go back to work. CarGuy is really excited about that! I went back to work today and actually found it comforting to think about something other than mutant cells invading my husband's body. I know, I know, couldn't I possibly find something more comforting than work? Give me a bit and I'm sure I'll find other diversions but for now it will have to do. I'm blaming this temporary deviance in my brain on all the cleaning products in the hospital. That place is waaaayyyy clean! I guess that's a good thing for the patients but for a homey person like myself it was a bit unnerving. I kinda sorta wanted to track mud in and leave some dust bunnies in the corners. But...don't worry, I didn't -- CarGuy would have been mortified! I'm being especially nice to him right now, you know, due to the cancer thingy, so I restrained myself!

So that got my little deviant mind to thinking...I wonder if the ladies that did all the cleaning while we were there actually clean their own houses like that. I used to work at a restaurant and we had to clean the ketchup bottles outside and inside the neck down to the label as well. One day I found myself cleaning our ketchup bottle at home like that. I had to break myself of that creepy habit real quick like! CarGuy said he doesn't think they clean their house like that. I'm not so sure -- creepy habits can sneak up on you without you even realizing it! My creepiest is probably my habit of running my hands over the tops of things to dust them. I will run my hand over the top of the fire extinquisher box at work several times a day even though I know dust has not had a chance to form on top of it yet. I just can't help myself....I think I need some professional help! So that made me curious what kind of creepy cleaning habits you all have. Share so I don't feel so, well, creepy!


Lauren W said...

Yay! That's so great that he's doing so well :) I'm glad that you are able to get back to work. I'll still be praying.
I don't know if it would be considered a "cleaning" habit, but I feel compelled to put things in proper color order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple). Regardless of what it is and where I am, I put them in order.

Dawn said...

Work probably isn't that comforting of a place, but getting back to a normal routine really helps a lot! Glad the tests are coming back so good!

KitKatKolorado said...

Praise God for the good blood report and CG able to get back to work! I can see where work could be good therapy (maybe I should get a job?). We'll keep praying.

Creapy cleaning habits? As you know I'm going through a domestic excavation in preparation for our move to TN in 20 days. (By the way, just "yesterday," it was 95 days!) Here's what I discovered about me and cleaning that's creapy...oh, and expensive. I have every new cleaning product on the market, some/most not even opened. In other words, I must be thinking that if I buy them, THEY WILL WORK ON THEIR OWN! NOT! I have finally figured out that to get the products to work, I must do more than buy and sit under the sink. What a shock!

Freecycle.com folks are going to love these cleaning products or maybe I'll donate the the women's shelter, which is always in need of cleaning, laundry and personal care items.

When you described your dusting "habit," I immediately imagined you with a Swifter duster in your hand as sort of a magic wand or sword! When not in use, it could maybe hang from a stylish shoulder or bling-filled belt strap, always available for those dusting urges.

Blessings on you and your family. Love, Kathy

Brian and Staci said...

Just stopping back in to check on your man...I'm glad he's home and sounds like he's doing really well. I am...was before children...a dental hygienist...so I'm a clean bean fanatic. But it is amazing how once you have kiddoes...you let go....a little :) Your family is in my prayers.

Ruta M. said...

Good to see you're so upbeat, Will be praying for you and your family.
I aspire to keep my home clean and tidy but never achieve it. OH and sons just don't notice dirt or mess. Where did I go wrong? Actually oldest son used to work as a cleaner in the local hospital and his student digs and current home have been relatively clean.
Keep strong..... all of you.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Oh I'm so glad he's doing well!! And yeah for work! Sometimes it's just nice to get back to that routine.

I used to be a housekeeper for hotel rooms. I'm not obsessive about anything regarding that EXCEPT for my bed. I HAVE to make my bed like I did then... tight corners, things turned and tucked.

And don't get me started about what happened after I was a professional gift wrapper for 2 years.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Glad things are looking better. I think getting back to work refreshes you. I added you to my blogroll as well.
Well, my hubby and I both are a little OCD with the cleaning. I'm not as bad as I use to be. My bed has to be made everyday and the closet has to be clean with all hangers facing the same way and the clothes in color order. BUT...my drawers are messy!! That doesn't bother me as much.

Susie said...

Prayers for you and your hubby in this tough time. My mantra for the past few months has been one day at a time. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts.