Saturday, August 30, 2008

He's Home!!!

What a wonderful morning!! CarGuy is home and I was able to finally get a good nights sleep! Peanut is still jumping and woofing at every little noise but I'm sure he'll get back to his "I just can't be bothered" attitude very soon. Perdy's already back to her old self and snoring away on the floor. It's nice not to spend all day at the hospital on an uncomfortable plastic chair and bundled up like a Russian peasant in the middle of winter -- I think I forgot to mention that the room was equivalent to the arctic!

CarGuy's blood levels are ok in some respects but leave something to be desired in others. His WBC is really something the docs are happy about but his platelets and red blood cells (RBC) are lower than they want them to be. Not unexpected they say but still lower. That means I have to be very diligent about disinfecting stuff and chasing off stray visitors (sorry -- I'm not really this mean normally). I'm sure CarGuy and SwimBoy are sick of the "sanitizer Nazi" squirting them with the smelly stuff every time they move and wish they could go visit someone else for a while. Speaking of, I need to go to Sam's and buy the industrial size barrel of the stuff today.

Also, now that I am home I can start shredding and freezing some the 3,000 zukes that showed up in my garden this week! My tomatoes are really leaving something to be desired. By the time they are ripening up they split open and get all gross. I might start picking them while they are green and seeing if they can ripen on the counter without growing any larger. Any advice anyone? The peppers are looking great and the acorn squash is putting out fruit that look reconizable. I'll try to bring you all a full blown garden update tomorrow.

But, for now...I need to go disinfect something and force CarGuy to drink another gallon of water. He needs to flush those icky dead cancer cells out of his body -- I'm on a mission!!!


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I'm glad he's home where he belongs.

Happy Sanitizing!!

Dawn said...

I'm glad he is home! You have quite a mission to disinfect the place and the people who come there!! I wish I had advice on your garden questions, but i'm clueless there! And yes, we will be trading prayers wont we? That's fine with me!!

KitKatKolorado said...

Sounds like you need one of those Scrubbing Bubbles whole house santizers and cleaners like we have in our shower. Just hit the button and off it goes to spray the whole shower and keep it clean. Maybe something attached to your ceiling fans?

If you need help with lifting and transporting that Sam's industrial-sized barrel of disinfectant, let me know. Have back brace. Will travel.

So glad that you all can enjoy a NEW normal at home. Blessings.

Ronnica said...

Glad to hear he's home!

I do believe you can get tomatoes to ripen off the vine if they're in a sunny place (like a window sill). I believe we've done that before. I would probably make sure that they are at least starting to turn red already.

Claudious said...

It's good to have him home, I know how lost I can be without everyone where they belong.

Ah, the smell of lysol in the morning.

Aubrey said...

So glad to hear he's home and that you are both out of that hospital!

Here's to flushing out those yucky cancer cells and happy sanitizing!

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled on to your blog. I am sorry to hear about your husband - just remember it is stunning the advances that have been made in cancer treatment - keep the good thought!

You said you grew up out in the eastern plains OH MY what a small world - I taught for a year (many years ago) in Simla and spent lots of time in the panhandle of Nebraska so I kind of get where you are from.

From my window at school in Simla you could just see pikes peak - kind of like it was taunting you!

If the vegies get to be to much for you you could always sack them up and hunt for unlocked cars in a parking lot and leave them in the back seat!

Lauren W said...

Woo Hoo!!!
I'm so glad to hear that he's home :)
Go get your sanitize on!