Saturday, August 23, 2008

Diary of a Dog Sitter

I am watching a friend's dog this weekend while she has a romantic getaway with her boy toy. Her dog is a sweetheart and I don't mind at all. knew there was going to be a "but", didn't you? Why would I blog about it if there wasn't a "but" in the story? this morning I go over to take care of sweetie-pie; feed her breakfast, play with her, and take her for a walk. It took her forever to eat and she is crazy with her toys so that was an adventure. Then I put my tennies on and decided we would walk as far as we could get in 20 minutes and then turn around and come back. She doesn't play well with others so I didn't use the path that snakes through our town but instead I took her down some dirt roads that are not frequented by anyone.

She's having a ball and I'm enjoying the nice cool weather we had this morning. I let her leash out as far as it will go and she bounding all over the place obviously totally in her element. Then it happens...there are some creatures in this world that I just can't abide. Snakes would be one of them but don't worry she didn't scare up a snake for me to deal with. She scared up thousands, well really like 5, of the bane of my teenage years. GRASSHOPPERS!!!

Gosh, I really hate those things and I am definitely going to ask God what was he was thinking when he put those on the same earth with me! When I was a teenager we lived on a ranchette in an area that was nicknamed Grasshopper Corner and for good reason. I would come out to my car in the morning for school and there would be dozens of the nasty creatures plastered on my car. I would literally be in tears by the time I was done getting them off so I could drive away and hope that when I returned that a grasshopper disease had hit and they were all gone.

So I have to ask why an intelligent person like myself cannot get over her aversion to something that will not hurt her. Snakes...I'm ok with that fear because truly they could hurt me and given that we have rattlers here they could even kill me. But, a grasshopper? What's the worst that could happen? But, no matter how much I tell myself that there is nothing to be afraid of I just can't come to grips with myself. I think I need aversion therapy!! Maybe I should go get myself a furry stuffed grasshopper toy and sleep with it for a few nights. Yea...that's the ticket...I'm sure that will work!!!


Dawn said...

That is sweet of you to dog sit and I'm sorry that such a good deed ended with a grasshopper invasion! You need some GRASSHOPPER-B-GONE!! Fortunately they don't bother me - but do you have geckos? YIKES! I am terrified of them touching me! And what is a ranchette? Have a great weekend!

Aubrey said...

Oooooooo!!! I hate those ugly green buggers! Funny thing, as a child they didn't bother me at all. What a wimp I have become at my age!!

Debbie said...

Hi Rene! Are you ready to be a spotlight blogger on BATW for Colorado on Thursday, August 28? If so, click on my profile and email me either way. I'll let you know the specifics!

CaraBee said...

We have a cricket infestation around here. Somehow they are all over our house. I hate it. Of course, the cats think its great and spend their days, and nights, chasing them around and dismembering them. Which is fine, except they never kill them and I'm left finishing off the poor legless things. It's awful.