Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday's Feast

Well...the regular chef over at Friday's Feast has been having computer problems so Jodi over at Beacon of Hope created one that I just had to take part in. Her first question is really hard and in some ways disturbing but I'll get over that one as soon as I ingest the 3 pounds of peanut butter kisses upstairs in the freezer! Not really Jodi, it was a good question but I think I need some paxil now. ;-)

If you want to join us, go check out Jodi's page and also leave me a comment with your link so I can see what your answer is to #1.

If you learned today you were going to die tomorrow, name three things you would do.

Wow…what a horrible thought. I would definitely spend the entire day with my family first and foremost. I would eat all the stuff I never dare touch because I’m always on a diet and I would go get a full spa treatment.

What is your very first memory?

It’s really weird but it’s sitting in my bedroom at my grandmother’s house looking up at these felt pictures depicting nursery rhymes. I figure I had to be under the age of 4 because we moved out of her house when I was 4 and ended up in Los Angeles. I have those pictures to this day and sometimes I just look at them and wonder why there were so special that I would remember them in this way.

Name one service you are willing to pay for and one you are not.

I am so willing to pay someone to clean my house but CarGuy would have a conniption!! I’ve never had anyone clean my house for me but I just know it would be awesome! I am not willing to pay someone to color my hair. I’ve been coloring my hair (gasp..choke…that’s not your natural haircolor?!?) for years and I can’t see paying someone a hundred dollars or more when I can spend less than $10 for a box that takes me less than 45 minutes start to finish to use.

Main Course
Do you make your bed every day?

Most of the time I do but lately I’ve been just pulling up the sheets since we haven’t really been using the comforter and I have it all nicely folded at the foot of the bed. I did make it today though because CarGuy’s aunt is coming to visit and she hasn’t seen our new fancy-dancy bedroom furniture so I wanted it to look nice.

Name the most significant thing you learned this week.

Don’t shake a sealed container!! Obviously!!

Now wasn't that fun? I think we are going to the County Fair this weekend so maybe I'll have exciting stories of pigs, cows, cowboys, and quilts to share! Yeehaw!!


Aubrey said...

Wow! Is Friday Feast a regular post? It's great!

Have a fun weekend and I can't wait to read about your time at the County Fair!

KitKatKolorado said...

I can't even begin to think what I'd do with only one day to live. I'd probably read the Bible a lot and make sure all of my "accounts" are clear and paid in full! Maybe go to Trail Ridge Road and wait to be taken away...thinking, of course, it's so high I'd be closer to heaven, even though I get desperately sick up there and feeling like dying anyways!