Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don't Shake a Sealed Container

I’m nothing if not educational here on this blog so I have another lesson for you today. If you’re not sure you can agree with my educational statement just check out my posting, Don’t Shake a Wobbly Chair. Yesterday I created another learning opportunity for you…I’ll wait while you fawn over me for my wonderful generosity toward you…all done? Ok. So…back to the learning moment…

Each morning when I get in the office I first groan over the state of my desk (you know those little elves that came and made all the shoes for that guy in the fairy tale? I pray every night that they will visit me and do all my work for me! But, alas, I’m on my own!), lose my mind over the amount of e-mails that procreated over night, and then go fill up my big Tupperware color changing cup with some sort of refreshing beverage. Yesterday I decided to have Crystal Light Raspberry Ice – yummm! So off I trot to our fabulous lunch room (it really is fabulous, I’m not being sarcastic here – just thought I better straighten that out because I’m normally extensively sarcastic) to prepare my yummy drink. I use the powdered stuff and I have found that if I start out with hot water it mixes much better. We have this awesome instant hot water spigot (man, that’s a weird word!) at work – I so need one of these at home! I filled my cup about an inch or so with hot water and dumped in the powder. I sealed the lid tightly (Tupperware burp…it’s the best!) and proceeded to shake the container to get everything all nice and mixed up before adding the ice and the rest of the water. Wow...this stuff smells great!!

Ok…so here comes the lesson! Listen carefully because this may save you from life altering embarrassment in the future…DO NOT shake a container of hot liquid unless you are absolutely certain the lid cannot pop off!! Tupperware lids can, and most assuredly will, pop off under this kind of pressure!!!

So here’s my public apology to all those fine folks that I work with for the beautiful hot pink sticky spray all over the kitchen. I tried to clean it all up but I’m sure I missed something – like the 10 ft. ceiling. Luckily for me I had a black dress on yesterday because I was wearing a large majority of the spray. I think I was attracting every mosquito in town with the smell!

Ok…class dismissed!


Claudious said...

Life lessons, thank you for that. I've done the same thing with red buffalo sauce, it seemed like a good idea to shake it thoroughly, and it was, but something about the butter and red sauce combined makes my wife's little vein pop out on her forehead when she sees me covered in it. (who knew?)

KitKatKolorado said...

Have I told you lately how much I love you and your blog? Well, I do and I do! How about shaking something without the sealed lid even sealed? For example, Raspberry Vinegarret salad dressing that my husband kindly opened for me but I didn't know the cap was open. Another good learning lesson.