Sunday, July 13, 2008

Garden Watch

Good afternoon all! Well it's time for another Garden Watch!! I know it's just so exciting but keep your knickers on and here we go.....

The corn is getting really high! I haven't noticed any ears starting yet but I'm keeping a close eye out for some!
We've got some cuke blossoms!! Woohoo!!
I know it's hard to see on the picture but there are dozens of pepper buds on this plant. I have know idea how this relatively small plant is going to hold up those peppers.
The peas are getting bigger but they still don't look too healthy. I've been watering them more so we'll have to wait and see what happens.

The tomato has completely outgrown it's cage -- this is how much of the plant is above the top ring.
The yellow squash is not looking too good since being transplanted in the garden. I think it's homesick for all the other clearance plants at the store. I'll have to keep an eye on the pepper next to it to make sure it's not bullying this poor little guy.
I am going to have more zukes than I know what to do with if each and every one of these blossoms turns into a veggie!! They're awful pretty though!
Here's one of the first zukes -- isn't he cute?!?
Here's the newest member of the garden family -- meet acorn squash! I picked him up today for only $3.00!! I hope he stays as healthy as he looks now. I love acorn squash and I have a great recipe I want to share with you all for making a yummy baked acorn squash dish. Stay tuned and as soon as we are ready to harvest one of these we'll have a cooking lesson! I don't have adorable cooking assistants like Kay or Mama Kat but hopefully the recipe will be so yummy you won't mind my lack of adorable cooking assistants!
Now I have a sad story to tell you...remember my little jalapeno? Well yesterday when I took all the pics for today's update this is how it looked... When we got home from church today this is how it looked...
Now I'm sure you are asking yourself how could this horrible catastrophe happen?!?! Well...let me show you who I think is responsible....
Yep...that would be Peanut!! The CSI testing has not come back from the lab but I'm pretty sure the pawprints in the dirt and DNA traces on the decimated jalapeno leaves will prove he was definitely a naughty dog today!!! Those jalapenos were for a friend ours, Secret Squirrel, who loves all things hot. Peanut better hope Secret Squirrel likes him more than the jalapenos he was expecting to be brought to him!!


John Deere Mom said...

Peanut...the little devil! We have been lucky so far that Jackie hasn't figured out how to get into the fence into the garden. I think if she did, it would be the end of poor Jackie. But Peanut...that's about the most adorable plant destroyer I've ever seen!

Ritch in Love said...

Thanks! Peanut is sooo cute!