Saturday, July 12, 2008


I wish I would have thought ahead and taken a picture of this toy! We were at K-Mart the other day because someone told me they had Barbies on clearance for $2. Now normally I don't set foot in K-Mart because it's usually dirty, poorly stocked, and it just makes me feel sorry for all the people who work there -- I'm really not sure how they even stay in business. However, all digression aside, I try to put Barbies in the Operation Christmas Child boxes each year for the girls and $2 is a great price! Unfortunately all the $2 Barbies were gone but I did spy something that just made me go "HUH?!?!?!" -- hence the title of this post. Sitting among all the other silly toys, like the Spiderman who danced and sang "If you're happy and you know it" (now really, is that what he meant when he said "with great power comes great responsibility"? Which DH just couldn't help but push the play button a million times just to annoy the crap out of me!), and the big pile of everything High School Musical (exactly who would outfit their entire bathroom with HSM products? I guess not many which explains the clearance sale status of these gems.), sat this box with a mermaid doll in it. I thought it was kinda cute so I picked it up and lo and behold what did it say on the box.....

"Moves just like a real mermaid"

Wha..?!?! Since when are there real mermaids?!?! Did something monumental happen in the natural world and were mermaids found to live among us? took this toy company most assuredly in some poverty stricken little village in China to bring me up to speed on world events. I feel so foolish. I almost bought the thing just to send it in to Jay Leno so he could come up with much more hilarious thoughts than I have the capability of inventing. I'm sure he'd have a ball with this one!!

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