Friday, July 4, 2008

Garden Update -- 4th of July edition

Take a good look at this is it's last day to live in the dirt. I've realized that we don't eat spinach all that much. But don't worry...the garden won't be bare...I've found the following wayward little veggie on the clearance rack!!
I introduce you to the wonderful little straight-neck yellow squash. I know he looks a little puny now but I'm sure he'll perk right up once he's placed in the garden with some wonderful friends!!
The green pepper is doing much better -- see all those little buds?!?
The tomato is doing well too. I know it's a little blurry but those are some blossoms that will grow into wonderfully juicy tomatoes before too long! The wire you see is the top of the tomato cage so this plant is definitely growing like crazy! I've heard you should prune off the bottom branches to give the fruit a bigger supply of the nutrients. Anyone else heard this?
The jalapeno is doing much better since I moved it to a sunnier location. It now has some blossoms so there's hope for an actual pepper or two!
The corn is getting huge. It has grown over the top of the fencing now -- I can almost taste those juicy sweet ears now!!
The cukes are growing but much slower than I expected. Maybe that means they will be the best cukes ever and will make the most delicious pickles you ever tasted!!
The zukes on the other hand are huge!!! I've noticed some buds and maybe next week I'll have some blossoms to show you!
The peas look absolutely pitiful! I noticed today that they didn't seem to be getting much water. I think the zukes are stopping the water from spraying over there. This week I'm going to concentrate on watering them separately and we'll see how they do.

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Debbie said...

Two words. I'm.Jealous. They look awesome!