Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another Garden Update!!

Wow...things are hopping in the garden!! We even were able to consume some of our produce this week!! We had fried zucchini and it was yummy! (I'm trying to ignore how many WW points I consumed that evening!!) I'm working on a separate recipe blog and will certainly post that recipe for you shortly. In the meantime here are some pics to get you completed updated:

Here are some zukes that will soon be some yummy dish but I'm not quite sure what to make...any suggestions?

And look at one of their many cousins soon to be gracing my table!!
The cukes are doing great too -- I planted the kind made for pickling so I'm sure I'll post all about the pickling process soon.
I don't have any peppers yet but I've got lots of blossoms -- won't those peppers hurry up!?!The tomatoes are doing great too -- I can't wait to pick some of these!!

Look....corn tassles!!!!
And you know what comes next!!!
The boys are waiting for this part of the garden more than anything else. And speaking of boys, look what CarGuy has been nursing along....
Yep....those are little sprouts off the jalapeno that Peanut destroyed!! I told him that he might have some peppers for Secret Squirrel come Christmas time!!

Thanks for coming along with us -- I hope watching my plants grow isn't horribly boring! BTW...I love watching plants grow so if you have some garden updates of your own, post a link in the comments section and I'll come check it out!


At Home Redesigns said...

Wow...your garden is doing way better than probably water yours, weed it...feed it...

Megan said...

lookin' good! i can't wait for our tomatoes!


Claudious said...

I love the picture of your plants, I've tried to grow something in our back yard but I think I have a yellow thumb (ew... I mean it's not green)

The zucchini looks amazing!