Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday with a Twist and an Online Name is DS's 18th birthday so I told him I was giving him a nice new online name for his birthday!! I was totally excited about it but he didn't really care. His response was, "Ok...well I don't even read your blog." Actually I'm kinda glad he doesn't read my blog - that would definitely put a cramp in my style. I know you all will understand (and share in) my excitement so from this point forward DS will officially be known as SwimBoy. I know, I know, I can't understand his lack of excitement either!! Now, I know that DH will totally be devastated if he doesn't get a new name too so....DH will be known from today and forever more as CarGuy. Actually I've called him CarGuy for years so it's only natural I'd continue with that tradition. I have 2 subjects on my mind -- you've already read the first and here's the 2nd....I love finding new blogs! I recently found a new one that I just adore - The Adventures of an American Mum. Rachel is a great writer and she has this really fun Wednesday activity.

I've seen lots of Wordless Wednesday posts around the blogosphere but I'm a word person and they always left me wanting to know the story behind the picture - besides I have a rather sucky (yep that's a technical term - use it well) camera so my pics are definitely not enough to carry a whole post. Rachel's "twist" first gives us a topic to post our pics about (really helpful since I need someone to focus me somewhere!) and she lets us tell that story, which for a word person like me (DH would call it being a yacky girl....hmmmm...I wonder if he has a secret blog out there and is calling me yacky girl -- my bloggy friends would tell me if they ran across it...right?) is perfect! The topic this week is "Summertime Days/July". There's so much that brings to mind that topic! I just grabbed my camera and starting taking pics.

July means lots of things in our house. So I started with our house. I like to put up a season specific decoration at our front door. The front of our house faces West which means afternoons are brutal on our front door. This also means I can't use anything that melts (this kills all use of plastic and anything that is hot glued together)! This particular piece is one of my favorites because it fulfills the unmeltable rule along with fitting the space perfectly.

Another July event at our house is walking to the lake to watch fireworks. This year CarGuy (wow...that sure takes longer to type than DH) and I took Peanut with us. All that darn dog wanted to do was watch the people walk by. He watched like 2 fireworks and he was all done. This is the dog that will sit on the couch with you and watch TV for hours. Oh, well, here's a pic of the fireworks that I took with my phone. I was actually quite surprised it turned out so well.

Of course, this being SwimBoy's birthday he is a big focus of our July events. Tonight we are going to go eat at the restaurant that I make the uniforms for (oh, man, I think I still have some to make so I better make the rest of this post snappy!). I was tempted to take a pic of him sleeping since that's exactly what he's doing now but I think he would kill me...but wait, he said he doesn't read my blog so here ya go! Peanut followed me in the room and jumped up and tried to kiss him!

Another thing I love about July is that CarGuy and I spend a lot of our free time sitting on the back porch. During the winter we don't have this time together without some type of technology interrupting us (TV, Computers, etc.). This is a time when we can sit and talk and catch up with each other. Normally this is our entertainment:

During July my garden really seems to take off. It's fun watching the sprouting happen in June but in July is when the big growth is witnessed. This is another view CarGuy and I have from our back porch.
Now lest you think all of July is one big happy party....feast your eyes on what CarGuy does to the front living room window during the scorching heat of July - did I ever mention we don't have A/C in our house?!?!

I hope you enjoyed my WWWAT - if you want to see more or join in the fun just check out Rachel's site.


Ashlie said...

Your fireworks picture is soo neat! And we tough it out with no AC too...I will have to try that blanket on the window trick!

Have a great Wednesday!

Sandra said...

Great pictures!

Happy Summertime!

American Mum said...

Wow, your garden looks great! I've always wanted to do one of my own. I wonder if I have the discipline though. :) And happy birthday to ds! How could he not like his new blog name?!

Thanks so much for joining in!

Kim said...

The heart is really pretty! What a neat garden, I admire your green thumb, mine is brown:(

Tamara said...

wow! your garden looks amazing! i might just be inspired to try my hand at gardening next summer!
thanks for sharing!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

mellow days of july...we have some similar entertainment going on. (the dogs)

Morning By Morning said...

Your pictures are great! The ones of the dogs playing are too funny!!!! (That is great entertainment :)

HIS daughter said...

Great pics!
I am so glad it is summer :)

Muthering Heights said...

I love the photo of the dogs!

Rene said...

Ashlie -- The blanket works great but looks awful. I've got to make some of those light blocking blinds one of these days so I can get my pretty drapes showing again.

Sandra -- Thanks for stopping by! Happy Summer to you too!

Rachel -- Thanks for the props on my garden. It's really not a horrible amount of work. My dad helped with the planting when he was visiting. CarGuy does most of the watering and I pull weeds every now and then. I'm really looking forward to harvesting all the yummy veggies!

Kim -- I love that heart too. I just have to remember not to try and straighten it during the heat of the afternoon -- metal...ouch!

Tamara -- Gardening is great fun! Thanks for coming by!

Jessica -- Dogs and little kids are the greatest entertainers. I love trying to catch them in the act in pictures.

Morning -- Thanks for the comment-love!!

Katy -- Me too! I left you a BD greeting on your blog but here's another one - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Muther -- I tend to post a lot of dog pictures so if you like dogs, y'all come on back now!

Dawn said...

CarGuy is using his brain! It is amazing the difference when I close the blinds/drapes/curtains, etc... in the amount of heat coming in. We have A/C, but blocking the sunlight makes a big difference to this cheap gal! Great Pics!

Charity said...

You was SO hard for me to post without "telling the story"! :-) I may have to add some more words next time too. Hey, what kind of dog is your black one? He looks like a dog we used to have.

Jen E said...

lmao - love the bit about your son's birthday! congrats on their new names :)

Lauren W said...

Ha! Ok, I just need you to know, that I totally empathize on that whole "blanket over the window" thing. My husband works nights, so while we have blackout curtains in our room, he has thrown not only a blanket, but also a couple of hoodies over the curtain rod because too much light was coming in from the top.

HIS daughter said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog :) That is funny that your son is 18 too? I always thought 18 was a momentous occasion...only to find out I don't really feel any different! :p Anyway, thanks again and blessings! :)
Ps: My Grandma lives in the Rockies and that is were my mom grew up!

Megan said...

our dogs are a source of ENDLESS entertainment too :)


Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

wow! sounds like wwwat is perfect for you! we've come to calling it "wordy" wednesday... i can't keep my fingers from moving when i post pictures either!

one of my favorite things about summer is the ability to be outside (away from technology) and being able to talk and just enjoy being outdoors... too bad blogland has started butting in on that time! anyways, great post!