Sunday, July 6, 2008

A New Addiction!! my friend Debbie over at Finding Normal has given me a new addiction! Just what I needed...NOT!!! Something else to keep me from doing my laundry, washing the dishes, running the vacuum (gosh that's a weird word - no wonder I hate doing it!), and generally just neglecting my home and family! So...Debbie...when friends and family come over and the house is a disaster and there's nothing for them to eat I'm gonna blame you...ok? Anyway...the addiction that Debbie turned me on to is called Scrapblogging or digiscrapping or electronic scrapbooking -- check out this site , make something awesome, and then come back and let me know so I can go scraplift your ideas, ur, I mean ooh and ahh over your creations.
So here's my show and tell....I was up way too late last night working on my new header above and these 2 pages too:

The pic in this post isn't too clear but I just love it! Wasn't I just too cute -- I already had my Hollywood movie star picture filter going on!! I always insist the paparazzi put that filter on before taking my picture! I used one of the premade templates for this layout.

And here's another one...

This is my DH and DS fishing at my dad's pond in PA 4 years ago - btw...the pic in my header is the road out in front of his house too -- gosh I love that farm!! I got brave on this one and did everything from scratch for this page. They didn't really have a set layout that worked for me so I improvised. This site makes it really easy to do that! I've seen those digiscrapping software packages and thought I wouldn't really like them because I'm very hands on. I think I just might have been wrong! Now...I wonder how much a 12x12 printer is going to cost because I just have to print these out and put them in a book!! I go to do some online shopping!! Gosh...I sure love the Internet!!!

ps...I found the easiest way to get these on my blog was to use the export to jpeg function on the scrapblog site -- look under the "file" pull down. Now...go scrap away and don't forget to come back and tell me so I can check it out!


Finding Normal said...

Seriously addicting, isn't it???
I love your new header!

John Deere Mom said...

Holy cow...I've scrapblogged myself to a disaster of a house. It is totally addicting! Love what you've done!

Kimberly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog this weekend! I agree...I could spend hours and hours on scrapblog! I've had to limit myself or I will do nothing else!