Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gosh, I'm so far behind on blogging! Sort of like my housework and projects at work too. I haven't given you a garden update in forever and I haven't posted a new recipe to my recipe blog in over a week. Our pastors have given awesome messages the last few weeks and I took loads of notes but haven't put them into a coherent set of sentences for you yet either. I haven't given you the latest Peanut & Perdy stories (Peanut ate my fabulous lunch bag with my monogram on it and he also ate my favorite work shoes -- that dog is definitely in trouble today and he knows it!) Sheesh, what is up with me anyway?!?'s a garden update and then I'll go over and post a new recipe for you too! I hope that giving you 2 posts in one day will help me start to win my way back into your hearts!

Up first is the big proliferator in our garden.....Zucchini!! What you are looking at here are more big greens getting started. Did you know there are girl blossoms and boy blossoms? The slender stalks are the boys which don't produce the fruit but are needed in order for the fruit to happen (that's all I'm saying there cuz I'm all G-rated up in here you know) and the more rounded stalks are the girls and will turn out the zukes once they have lost their beautiful blossom and expanded to nearly bursting -- sort of like in real life, huh? I know, I know, girls, it's just not fair.
Here's a basket of what I've picked just in the last few days:
In that basket are some of the first cukes of the season. I can't wait for more to follow so I can get to putting up some pickles. Here's one still a-growing - isn't he too cute?
And finally we have some little peppers showing up and boy do we have a bunch of them!!
Those tomatoes are still growing and I'm getting really impatient! On my walk yesterday I peeked at some of the neighbors tomatoes and they are all ripe and ready to eat. No, I didn't steal any but I am not guilt free of the envy I felt. Hurry up tomatoes!!!
The corn is really starting to come along -- yummmm!!!
Here are some acorn squash blossoms -- I have a great recipe for these little darlings so stay tuned for that!
I haven't given up completely yet on that poor little yellow squash plant and I think I'm starting to see some blossom buds showing up:

And last but not least...the bane of my existence today:
I know he looks all sweet and innocent but don't let that adorable little face and cute little pink tongue fool you! It's all an act and he's just biding his time until he figures out how to unlock the locking trash can!! OK...I'm off to go find some shoes to replace the ones he chewed up!


Claudious said...

Those pickle making cucumbers really stood out to me, my wife is away from home and wouldn't it be funny for me to do some crazy canning while she's away. I'd have to raid the farmers market though as the only thing we're struggling to grow is rhubarb (and some tommatos in an aero thingy)

Beautiful garden!

Lauren W said...

I would so love to grow my own fruits and veggies, and your garden makes me jealous! Although, to be fair, technically, we had a rather large garden in our backyard, and I managed to kill it all :/ Oh well... I suppose I'm not really surprised.
Meanwhile, he does look pretty sweet and innocent, but I believe you. I have two puppies who are masters at the sweet and innocent look. They don't fool me either :)

Aubrey said...

There you are!!
Great garden! I have the most non-green thumb ever. I wish I could have a garden like you! Zucchini, tomatoes, mmmm...

I don't believe that cute little dog had ANYTHING to do with your chewed up lunch bag or shoes! No I don't.

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Oh wow! Can I come live at your house? Those veggies look awesome! I really need to plant a vegetable garden next year...

ApsoRescue said...

Oh my, Rene ... what did you do with Senghe?!? Did you trade him away for a shoe-eating dog? I can't believe our little guy would do such a thing! LOL

For what it's worth, our 'maters are just now starting to turn. Bushes are loaded but we've only had TWO ripe ones so far. My basil, however, is beautiful!