Monday, October 6, 2008

Moving Music

I’m singing a solo with our church choir on Sunday and while I always love the opportunity to sing with a great choir and an awesome band, this particular song has gripped me more than most and believe me that’s saying something!! I’m deeply moved by music and nearly everything in my life has a soundtrack to go along with it. In order to explain why this particular song means so much I need to take you back in time….

Over 15 years ago I heard a sermon on the hole we have in our hearts. That sermon has always stayed in my memory (I bet it takes up the space that was supposed to be for my PIN number to my credit union ATM card!!). Anyway…the gist of the sermon is that we all have a hole in our heart and we spend our lives trying to fill it up. Most things we try to fill it up with only last a short while and we end up feeling emptier in the end. This song talks about all those things we try to use as a filler and that we really aren’t that different from each other. Some of us use drugs, relationships, money, food, etc. but in the end they are all just things that really don’t satisfy. I think this song talks to me so much because I’ve been there. I’ve tried all those other things only to be left either with an addiction or huge disappointment or other trouble to show for it! I’m not saying I have it all figured out and that sometimes I don’t try to fill my life with stuff that doesn’t matter – oh, believe me, I still do that!! What I am saying is that if we stay cognizant of those things trying to weasel their way into our lives that maybe, just maybe, we might be better at keeping them out.

So….that brings us back to today and why I even started this post. I know I ramble but sometimes I really need that in order to get where I really need to be. Anyways…I like to type up my words for Sunday mornings because it helps me memorize them and I can set them like a little security blanket on a music stand “just in case”. I’ve learned that most lyrics can be found on the internet which saves my little fingers from having to type every single word – yes, I’m lazy, you are too so just admit it and stop looking at me that way! ;-) While I was searching for this song I found that Mandisa (of America Idol fame) recorded this song. I really like her version and I was able to find a video to go with it! Have I mentioned before that I just love Youtube? How in the world did I exist before the internet?!? I listened to some of the other snippets from her album and they are great! I will definitely be adding her CD to my Christmas list! Enjoy this video even though it's not Tiny Theater Thursday -- think of it as a bonus!! See how much I love you all?!?


Kori said...

What a great post. Love this song too.

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