Wednesday, November 19, 2008

100th Post!!

For my 100th post I was searching for something fun to do. I came across an idea to post 100 things about yourself and thought that could be interesting – well at least interesting to me. And…since it’s my blog I’m going to do it! So here it goes, in no certain order, 100 things about me!

My favorite color is green.

I was a cheerleader in high school.

My favorite holiday is Christmas.

4. My second favorite holiday is Halloween.

5. I love playing Sims on the computer.

6. I always wanted 6 kids.

7. I only have one child.

8. My first job was as a lifeguard at a KOA.

9. I hate to talk on the phone.

10. I’m the oldest child.

11. If I were a crayon, I would be a purple one (go to to find out what color you are)

12. I hate wearing shoes.

13. I like watching shows on TLC about physical differences.

14. I love going antiquing.

15. My favorite scent is roses followed very closely by cheapo musk perfume from the drug store.

16. I am a Harry Potter fanatic.

17. I hate, hate, hate whistling.

18. I love how coffee smells but I can’t stand the taste of it.

19. I met my husband at a bar.

20. I almost failed typing in high school.

21. My most wanted super hero ability is flying.

22. My favorite scripture is Romans 8:28 – And we know that all things work for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

23. I love to read and would do it all day long if left to my own devices.

24. I’ve used the TV as a babysitter.

25. I’ve dressed my dog in a Halloween costume.

26. Growing up I wanted to be a famous singer.

27. I prefer silver over gold.

28. I’m addicted to games.

29. I tend to procrastinate.

30. I used to teach needlecrafts through a home party business.

31. I once sold magazines over the phone – yes, I was one of “those people” – I quit after one weekend.

32. I watch a DVD nearly every night.

33. I’m addicted to chocolate chip cookies dunked in milk.

34. I have an aunt with Alzheimer’s.

35. I could sleep for 10 hours straight if left alone in a dark and quiet room.

36. I used to drink 10-12 Mountain Dews a day – I quit cold turkey in April 1998.

37. I can barely draw stick people.

38. I must use hand lotion several times a day – preferably Breathe Romance from Bath and Body Works (even though they have discontinued it now…grrrr).

39. I’ve lived in over 20 different homes.

40. I’ve owned a Pinto Station Wagon…with wood grain siding even!

41. I passed my driving test on the first try.

42. I waitressed for over 14 years.

43. I’m extremely forgetful.

44. I long to live in the country.

45. I can eat pizza hot or cold for any meal.

46. I’m afraid of heights and snakes.

47. My favorite song (right now anyway) is Give Me Eyes by Brandon Heath.

48. My greatest prayer is that my husband will be cured of leukemia.

49. I’m a sucker for puppies.

50. I love all things Disney.

51. I had a Partridge Family lunch box in school.

52. I can’t remember my first kiss.

53. I detest using public restrooms.

54. I cry easily.

55. I love buttered popcorn Jelly Bellies.

56. I’m very impatient.

57. I love Panda Express Orange Chicken.

58. I’m really good at Yahtzee.

59. I hate green beans with a passion rarely reserved for vegetables.

60. I’m a spelling whiz.

61. I made all the curtains in my house.

62. I’m a recovering perfectionist.

63. I’m not a very contemporary decorator – more country casual I guess.

64. I wish I wouldn’t have decided to do this because it’s really hard to think of 100 things!!

65. I’ve worked for the same organization for over 18 years.

66. I’m a verbal driver but the other drivers don’t listen very well.

67. I take a multi-vitamin every day (and so should you!).

68. I can drive both a standard stick shift car.

69. I can also drive a column shift vehicle.

70. I dream in color.

71. I am a scrapbooker.

72. I love to sew.

73. I’m horrible about folding laundry and will let it sit on the guest bed for days (or weeks!).

74. I sang at BeeGee and Pepper’s wedding.

75. I got married in Las Vegas on Valentine’s Day.

76. I hate pantyhose.

77. I’ve personally changed the oil in my car at least once in my life.

78. I have over 25 pairs of shoes – please don’t tell CarGuy!!

79. It took me over 20 years to finish my college degree.

80. I collect porcelain thimbles.

81. I also collect welcome signs.

82. I haven’t personally mowed a lawn in more years than I can remember.

83. I’m a professional singer.

84. I love candles.

85. I haven’t used my WiiFit in weeks – I promise to rectify that situation soon!

86. I’ve never traveled anywhere outside of the US except to Mexico.

87. I hate cold weather.

88. I love summer rain storms.

89. I don’t like to swim in water when I can’t see what else is swimming with me, i.e., lakes, ocean, etc.

90. I have driven in excess of 100 mph on several occasions.

91. I have artificial nails.

92. I do color my hair – gasp..choke..shock!

93. I sunburn easily.

94. My purse weighs 12 pounds.

95. I’m easily distracted.

96. I’m bad about remembering to pick up my mail.

97. I hate cleaning the house!

98. I will have a new niece soon….did I mention that already?

99. I nearly always forget the punch lines to jokes.



Aubrey said...

Yay on your 100th! I'm so happy to have 'met' you! I'll be here for the next 100 and beyond!
Oh! And my fave color is green too!

Leah L said...

I have to correct my sister, she is terrified of grasshoppers!!!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Happy 100th!!!!
I'm a procrastinator and I forget thing too!!!!