Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update on CarGuy and a new do!

Day +19 - 81 to go until we can go home!!! Woohoo!!!! (but who's really counting?) Well...CarGuy for one and me for two and maybe SwimBoy since he might be starting to get pretty hungry without mom home to cook for him.

Things have been going well. CarGuy's counts continue to be very low so he's pretty isolated and quite fatigued. At the clinic visit today his platelets came up from 15 on Monday to 29 today so that's a good move. The rest of his counts are continuing to bottom out which is to be expected. For those keeping track here are the other numbers:

WBC - .7
HgB - 10.7
HCT - 30.7
ANC - 400

These are his lowest numbers yet but they said the fact that the platelets came back up the way they have is an indication that the donor cells are starting to get down to business. That's a good thing too because they don't want me on their case!!

I had a fun afternoon this week! A local cosmetology college donated an afternoon of pampering for all the caregivers at the apartments where we are staying. We had a ball and I really got to bond with the other caregivers which was really nice. There's nothing like connecting with other women who are going through the same things. My stylist was more than AWESOME!! She gave me my first ever professional color and my first ever highlight. She gave me an amazing haircut that is gorgeous and then I had a very relaxing mani and pedi. We were all treated like queens and it was such a wonderful diversion. I can't imagine a better way to relieve the stress of what we are all going through. CarGuy took this picture of my new do -- I've really gotta teach him how to make sure the camera takes off 20 pounds and gives me that fresh from the beach glow -- he really doesn't have that down yet. Oh, well, the hair looks awesome...right? See that white kitchen behind me? You can safely eat off any surface in that kitchen and I'm darned proud of that accomplishment!!
Really not much else to report -- mouth sores are getting better and he still gets his mag infusion everyday. Nurse Rene is continuing to earn her pay -- oh, wait, Nurse Rene is not getting paid -- can I see the manager please? Really...what is this? Some modern day legal slavery? How can the authorities allow this to continue?!? Oh, what's that you say? Oh, yeah, riiight, that's marriage. I thought I recognized this state I'm in!! Ok...never mind the crazy woman with the syringes...back to work all...

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Lauren W said...

It's so good to hear that he's doing well :)
And I'm glad that you got a little pampering. You deserve it! The hair is so cute :D