Friday, May 16, 2008

State Prelims

Woohoo! DS did great today at the state swimming prelims. He's at 16 in the 200 individual medley, 14 in the 100 butterfly, 15 in the 200 free relay, and 9 in the 400 free relay. He swims tomorrow at 3:30 in the finals in all his events. Stay tuned for the results tomorrow!!

After the swim meet today this is what I did:

It looks so nice but I ended up with a bit more sun than I should have so not only are my flower beds colorful but so am I!!

I also replaced our garbage disposal today -- wonder I'm wiped out!

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Who has time to scrapbook?!? said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog :) Congrats to your DS for placing well at his meet. Wow - gardening and replacing the garbage disposal? You rock!

Have a wonderful weekend!