Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wii for Mii

Ok...well...I finally broke down and bought a Wii. For those of you who don't know what that is here is a picture:

We've been having a lot of fun with it. DS set up our little Mii people (the characters that are your digital alter egos that I think look like little veggie-tale like people -- no arms but they can do all kinds of stuff) and at first DH had totally gray hair and I told him that his dad would probably not appreciate that at all. So he ended up giving him blond hair and a fu-man-chu facial hair thing. DH loves it -- please, Lord, don't let him grow one of those things on his face in real life!!! My Wii ended up with a ponytail and I realized that DS probably rarely sees me without a ponytail. I never really realized that I was so predictable -- hmmm...I may have to get hair crazy one of these days! He also made a Wii for himself that looks creepily just like him and a really pretty one for his GF. Don't you think he should have made the pretty one for his mommy?!?! ;-)

After our Miis were created it was time to play. As a family we immediately went bowling:

I can actually get a pretty decent score which only happens at the regular bowling alley if they put the gutters up for me! That's why I like to bowl with little kids. I look like I'm being so sweet and nice and kind and all that jazz, but really all I'm doing is ensuring that I don't look like a total dork bowling with the gutters up just for me. I can blame the little rug rats instead! See...I'm always thinking!

Well...after bowling for a few days I decided to try out the other games that come with the console. I really liked boxing -- that is until the next day when I couldn't lift my arms or pick up my purse. What a great workout. That led me to doing some research about using the Wii as a fitness plan. I found out that 15 minutes of boxing burns approximately 125 calories! Woohoo!! If 3500 calories equals a pound then I should be able to lose one pound with every 7 hours of boxing. Considering I've only been able to last 20 minutes without collasping on the floor in a pool of sweat (I know that wasn't a very attractive mental picture for you but you get the idea!) I think it's going to take me a while to get to that 7 hours!

After I did some boxing I tried out the fitness age test that's included. It takes you through bowling, baseball (I hit a home run -- booyah!), boxing, and tennis. The tennis is what put me over the edge. I couldn't hit the ball the right direction to save my life and I think my Mii might need an emergency room visit due to all the times she fell down. I tested out at 68 years old - eeek! DS confided in me that he tested out at 64 so maybe I'm not so bad after all. Now I need to get DH to test himself so maybe I can feel superior to someone in this house!

For my birthday I've asked for the latest and greatest for this wonderful piece of electronic wonderment -- the Wii Fit. Here's the description of that "game":

Categories: Wii Fit features four main categories to choose from: Strength Training, Aerobics, Yoga and Balance Games. As you spend time exercising, you’ll earn Fit Credits that unlock additional exercises and activities within these categories. Wii Fit also tracks the activities you do the most and puts them into the Favorites category.

Strength Training: Put your strength to the test with muscle-toning exercises like Single Leg Extension, Sideways Leg Lift, Arm and Leg Lift, Single-Arm Stand, Torso Twists, Rowing Squat, Single Leg Twist, Lunge, Push-Up and Side Plank, Jackknife, Plank and Tricep Extension. Challenges include Push-Up Challenge, Plank Challenge and Jackknife Challenge.

Aerobics: Get your heart pumping with fun, interactive Aerobic exercises like Hula Hoop®, Basic Step, Basic Run, Super Hula Hoop, Advanced Step, 2-P Run, Rhythm Boxing, Free Step and Free Run.

Yoga: Work on your balance and flexibility with Yoga poses and activities like Deep Breathing, Half-Moon, Dance, Cobra, Bridge, Spinal Twist, Shoulder Stand, Warrior, Tree, Sun Salutation, Standing Knee, Palm Tree, Chair, Triangle and Downward-Facing Dog.

Balance Games: Get into the action with fun, balanced-based games like Soccer Heading, Ski Slalom, Ski Jump, Table Tilt, Tightrope Walk, Balance Bubble, Penguin Slide, Snowboard Slalom and Lotus Focus.

Once I get this "game" you may never hear from me again. I might collapse completely into the carpet fibers never to be heard from again! Or maybe I'll actually get to my goal weight and start a world-wide Wii fitness center! I've lost 4 pounds since I started playing with it 2 weeks ago so it just might happen! Let's just add that to my list of projects!!

Ok...gotta go beat up some veggie-tale people with no arms!

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Tracy said...

Ok - I have to say, you've totally talked me into wanting a Wii!!! :) The fitness one sounds great! A lot of my friends who have families have this and love it. I never really thought that living alone I would need/want one, but the more I hear about them, the better they sound!!