Friday, May 1, 2009

CarGuy is storing nuts!! was a little exciting. CarGuy's cheeks and lymph nodes in his neck are swelling a bit -- he looks sort of like a chipmunk storing nuts. He has the doctors stumped a little but they think it might be some kind of infection since his blood counts have dropped which would indicate his body is trying to fight something. He was also running a fever this afternoon which is pretty indicative (ooooo....those are those big nursey type words I'm learning) of an infection. They put him back on one of his anti-virals, took a bunch of blood and tissue samples, and he had a CT scan of the area today. We are waiting to hear back from the cancer center on the results of all these tests. I'm expecting they will add a new antibiotic to his drug cocktail. Understandably he's really tired today and not feeling too chipper -- as you can imagine he is not laughing 1/2 as much as I am at my nut references -- I think he actually rolled his eyes at me when I showed him the picture above. I know, I know, I should be caring and sensitive to his plight -- but, really, if you saw it for yourself, I dare you not to make nut references! You won't be able to do it!!


Lauren W said...

Oh my! I hope the doctors figure out what this is so CarGuy doesn't have to endure the nut jokes much longer ;)
Of course, you should probably take some pictures of him like this so that you can *ahem* share the hilarity with him in the future ;)

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I will pray that the doctors figure this out!!

I agree with Lauren, take a photo! :)

Aubrey said...

You're so bad! LOL

How did he do over the weekend? How is he feeling now?

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