Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I continue to amaze myself...

Yep...my clumsiness reigns supreme!! I have now sprained my ankle and scraped up my knee. You wonder how this happened? Well...let me tell you - I was just walking and boom down I went. I have a theory...wanna hear it? Ok...well it goes something like this:

For months now I've been developing a love/hate relationship with WallyWorld (you know who I'm talking about right?). They love my money and hate to give it to them. Unfortunately when your money belt is being tightened sometimes you have to let go of your high and mighty ideals and walk in the door. Besides...my vanity got in the way and I really needed some of this:
I know, I know, but it's the greatest stuff ever and doesn't require me to take out a home equity loan to keep my skin soft and supple - well, as soft and supple as 40 something skin can be when it's been abused for the first 25 years with excessive tanning, mega make up, and little to no cleansing regimen.

So, anyways...I am walking along minding my own business when this stupid curb decides I must step down and my ankle says it prefers not to do so. The one good thing is that it happened between 2 cars with no witnesses so I was able to wrench myself back up without people asking me if I'm ok. The pain of the injury I can take but the embarrassment is the killer! I hobbled back to my car with blood pouring down my leg (well really it was just a little bit of seepage but this is my story so I'll embellish wherever I like...thank you!) and drove myself home. Yes, without my beloved face cream!!

I got the ankle x-rayed and it's not broken and I've doctored my knee through a little bit of an infection this weekend. I'm actually doing really well now and decided to try my soiree to the dreaded mega-store again. I did go to a different location though -- no need to rile up the curbs again! I finished my shopping in record time and without nary a scratch but....can you see this coming? I forgot this!!!!!!!
So my theory is that Wal-Mart is the source of all my clumsiness!!! I don't think that logic is flawed at all!!


Lauren W said...

Oh dear... I had a similar shopnesia (like amnesia, only directly related to shopping) experience this weekend... Anyway, I too often amaze myself with my abilities as a complete clutz. Don't you worry, you're in good company ;)
Oh, and I'm so glad your ankle isn't broken! Make sure you take it easy for a bit, though :)

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

HOney... repeat after me - WalMart - BAD... Target - GOOD...

Never ever ever go to WalMart - it is the center of darkness.

Aubrey said...

Oh Nooo! That stupid curb! I'm so glad you don't have a break or sprain. LOL

Ok...I so gotta try that cream. I'm hitting my mid-30s and like you, love my makeup and hate washing it off at night. Anything that helps, right?!