Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Call me an ambulance!!

OMG -- that Zumba class kicked my hiney! It was fun but I have to admit I looked at the clock a couple times hoping it was almost over. I wasn't as klutzy as I expected to be. I actually was able to do most of the moves right away. Of course I didn't look as good doing them as the absolutely gorgeous instructor -- that girl is definitely blessed with the beauty gene! She was very attentive to everyone in the class. I watched her constantly scanning the group to make sure everyone was doing ok. She even showed how to make the moves a little easier without pointing out who the slacker was (i.e., ME) -- saved me a bit of embarassment I'll tell you! The class ended 1:15 ago and I am already feeling very sore. I guess I don't normally move my hips like that! ;-) My feet are hurting too -- guess it's time for some new shoes....oh, you know what that means.....SHOPPING!!! WOOHOO!!!!

My plan for tomorrow is to go over the gym right after work and ride the bike and do as many of the machines as I can before I have to get over to WW for weigh in. I'm not expecting much since the light bulb in my head seems to have just gone off 3 days ago. Not quite enough time to make up for the fun I had the other 3 days of the week!

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