Thursday, April 3, 2008

He did it!!

DS got state cuts in 2 events today!! I'm so happy for him. I'm glad he got those because he got his relay team DQ for taking off too early off the blocks and he would have been in a really foul mood otherwise. Turned out he wasn't too upset so that's a good thing. He went under a minute in his 100 Fly so he was really excited about that!

I didn't make it to the gym at all today - after the meet we went to dinner. I was pretty good. I did have 2 of the rolls which I certainly did not need but otherwise I didn't make too bad of choices. I definitely need to go to the gym tomorrow. I'll ride the bike again and then go through the circuit machines twice. I really want to see a good loss next week because I'm really tired of giving money to WW and not seeing a good result! I know it's not the program - it's my inability to follow it correctly. I've done this before and lost nearly 50# so I know I can do it. I just wish I could put my finger on what I did then that made the difference. I was 8 years younger so I know that has something to do with it but that can't be the only thing.

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