Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nothing much

This has been a nothing much day. Ever have one of those? It seems like everything is just so normal it doesn't really rise to the level of remembering. I went through the day in a comfortable way. Isn't it amazing how many days we spend in the world of nothing much? I would hate to wake up one day and realize that my whole life had been spent in nothing much. The problem is I can't remember the nothing much days for long so how would I even know I had spent my life that way. I guess that's the beauty of nothing much days -- you don't spend much time remembering them and pondering their meaning. Ok...well...I think I'm done thinking about nothing much and will make my way to bed so I can dream some more dreams I won't remember when I wake up. Come to think of it this might have been a very strange day indeed.

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