Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In the right direction --- slightly

Weigh in today was going in the right direction but not very far - down .2 - so while I was happy it wasn't a gain, I did want a larger loss than that. I rode the stationary bike 8 miles this afternoon in 1/2 hour. I was really happy with that accomplishment. I've got to learn to be happy with each small accomplishment because they will add up to something great in the end. I think my problems are when I try to reach giant goals and then get discouraged when I can't reach them. I need to break them down into small little attainable goals. Gee...I sound like every time management course I've ever taken. Do you think that maybe something is starting to sink in to my little ole pea? I would surely hope so!

Tomorrow we have a swim meet so I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to get my workout in but I'm going to give that some very serious thought tonight as I drift off to sleep. Speaking of swimming the paper got a great shot of DS last week. I ordered a nice print off their website -- $19.95 for a 5x7 -- ouch! It's just such an amazing picture that I have to do it. What do you think?

DS is having a great week - he got a 95 on his AP Econ test that he thought he bombed on. I sure hope his good luck extends to tomorrow and he gets his state cuts in his events at the meet. I know that will really take a lot of stress off of him. He wants to do such great things his senior year -- I wonder where he gets that drive?!?! Surely not from his mother!! ;-)~

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