Saturday, May 24, 2008

Don't shake a wobbly chair

Ok, I have to tell on myself, I'm a dork and I really shouldn't be allowed to make my own decisions! We have some out of town visitors and they drink coffee. While we don't drink the stuff we do have a coffee maker (circa 1980 I think). I keep it on the top shelf in the back of the cupboards. While I'm pretty tall for a girl (5'7") I'm no match for the height of this cupboard. Being the improvisor I am I grabbed a kitchen chair and proceeded to stand on it to grab the coffee maker. When I got up on the chair I noticed the chair was a little wobbly. Instead of immediately getting off and checking out why it was wobbly - can't you just see Lucille Ball doing something like this too? - I then wobbled the chair more and said to myself, "gee, this chair is wobbly." The next thing you know the leg falls off and I am sitting on the kitchen floor wondering how in the world a girl who graduated magna cum laude from a prestigious Jesuit university could possibly be so stupid! I guess you just can't teach common sense!!

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Lori said...

LOL about wobbling it more instead of getting off it. You really are my kindred spirit. So glad you found me! :) (And, this is getting spooky, but that's where our coffee maker lives, too!)