Monday, June 2, 2008

Great B-Day!

While I am waiting for the Impossible Pie to cook I thought I would drop a post on you. Last week was my birthday and I begged for the new WiiFit that came out the day before my birthday. After I heard how impossible they were to get (way more impossible than the impossible pie in my oven) I figured I would get an IOU from the boys. Not so!! DS went to several stores and found one for me. He's the greatest kid ever!! Anyway...this contraption is AWESOME!! It is really fun and challenging. You start out by doing a body test where the Wii tests your balance and weighs you and gives you your BMI (don't worry - you can password protect your info so no one can find out how far off you real weight is from your driver's license weight). The bummer of the thing is that once it knows how you look it fattens up your little Mii -- kind of depressing but she still looks cuter than I do in real life. You have to find the silver lining somehow!! ;-) It will keep track of your weight and BMI changes as well as your improvement in strength and balance. We've had out of town guests since I received this wonderful gift so today was the first day I could really play with it. I spent over an hour sweating and enjoying it -- go figure! I'm sure I'll be sore as all get out tomorrow but today I feel great.

Well...the Impossible Pie should be done soon so I better go see how things are progressing in the oven. It sure smells great! If this turns out half as good as it smells, I'll be back with a recipe posting for you.

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