Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another Garden Watch!!

The corn is getting really big -- those little white dots are really dew (yes, I did get up early enough on a Saturday morning to see the dew!)

The whole bed is looking really good!

The jalapeno isn't doing so well so I've moved it now to another area where it will get more sun. Stay tuned to see if this does the trick.

The peas are getting taller but so far they are not vining up the trellis. I'm looking forward to that.

The spinach is ready to be harvested. I think we'll be having a spinach salad with dinner tonight.

I'm really suprised this tomato is going to make it. It was beat up during the hail that accompanied that huge tornado that hit up here a few weeks back.

The zukes are getting bigger. I can almost smell the bread cooking!

The cukes are growing as fast as the zukes but they're doing pretty good all the same.

I'm not sure how this green pepper plant will do. It looked great in the pot but once I planted it a couple weeks ago it just has looked sad.

While I was out of town DS suprised me by pulling weeds and mulching my flower bed. I'm changing over to all perennials in this bed so it's a little sparse right now but the mulch really dresses it up.

Here's another view. (I should probably change out that little garden flag - DS graduated a couple weeks ago!)

My pots are doing great!

The roses are blooming!! (Who forgot to roll up the hose?!?)

and blooming!

and blooming some more!!

I just love this time of year!!

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Vickie said...

Rene ... your garden looks fabulous, both of them! Good seeing you, Chris and Senghe today. What fun getting to see the rescues again and in a great setting!