Monday, June 9, 2008

Squirrelzilla vs. GI Joe

I received this picture from an old high school friend (well…really…he was the guy in school that I always turned down for dates but I was a total twit and didn’t realize what a great guy he was until after he was already taken – that is definitely a blog-topic for another blog-day). The caption on this picture was why men should not have action figures:

Doesn’t it just crack you up?!? I could see my DH and DS setting up this kind of scene and after I get off the ‘puter I am going to go make sure they weren’t the source for this PETA baiting photo-op. Anyway…this picture reminded me of the recent crisis in our home when Peanut got his first taste of squirrel. Perdy has been a squirrel aficionado since practically birth. She has perfected the art of knocking them off the fence and then shaking the stuffing out of them. We are very proud doggie-parents! We knew it was only a matter of time before she initiated her new little dog-brother in the fine hobby of squirrel hunting.

So…anyways…I was up in bed enjoying a particularly leisurely Saturday morning watching TV when I hear DH nearly blowing a gasket and yelling for Peanut and Perdy to get in the house. I ran downstairs to see what in the world could make my nearly 6’ tall husband screech like a little sub 4’ schoolgirl. Out in the backyard is a squirrel laying in the yard twitching. Seems that Perdy knocked it off the fence and Peanut proceeded to try and wrestle the thing. Now for those of you who don’t know Peanut – he is 14 pounds of playful, loveable, mischievous fur. He probably thought this squirrel was a stuffed animal that was nearly his size and all he wanted to do was love it to death.

We locked the pups inside and we were going to wait for the twitching to stop before we disposed of the little creature (the squirrel – not Peanut). When I looked back outside about 10 minutes later the crime scene was vacant. I figured either this was a cat/squirrel and it still had some lives left so it went off to live them in a backyard free of crazy canines or some other animal took it away for me – either way I was glad it was gone. Now it would seem that in a normal world this would be the end of my story…but…you are talking about my house here remember?

Later that day I leave the house to do some fabulous things in the community – well…really, I was probably just going to Big Lots, Hobby Lobby, or some other store that carries all kinds of things I don’t need but must have. I get back home a little while later and DS is nearly green. Turns out that Peanut found the squirrel and brought it in the house and deposited it at his feet. Chris immediately freaked out and went to get a shovel to get it out of the house. When he got back to remove the carcass he realized it did not have a head! OMG!!! Now…I’m pretty good with gross stuff but even this would have caused me some issues.

Again…you would think this would be the end of the story…but…no! A few days later I am gardening and I open the yard waste bin to throw in some nasty little weeds that found their way into my garden (how dare they!) and what do I get a perfect view of just a mere foot or so away from my face?!? You guessed it….the headless creature him/herself! That and the twisting head scene from The Exorcist (the original of course) are 2 hideous visuals that will never leave my memory – eeek!!

You are probably wondering where in the world did the head go…well…to this day we still have not found the head and I’m sure hoping that some wild animal decapitated the creature, took the head with them, and left the rest of the body in our yard. I can’t stand the idea that my little, loveable, furry Peanut ate squirrel brains. No…No…No….I refuse to accept the possibility!!

BTW…thanks Rich for the great walk down memory lane!! I owe you one!

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KC said...

Love the pic. Gave me a good chuck. Found your blog through SITS.