Saturday, June 28, 2008

Garden Update

Good morning!'s Saturday so that means another exciting installment of Garden Update! I know, I know, I really need to get something a little more exciting going on in my life but I really do like to watch plants grow. I know it's not as exciting as watching paint dry but I'll leave that to my more adventurous friends! The tomatoes (or is it tomatos?) are growing up and out of their cage! We've got a few little blossoms so we should have some excitement to show soon!!
The zukes are really getting big! I don't see any blossoms yet but they shouldn't be too much longer! Funny storry break here...the other day DH and I were sitting on the back porch lamenting all the chores we should have been doing rather than sitting on the back porch when I looked up and saw Peanut rubbing his face all over the zuke leaves that are starting to poke out the garden fence. I'm guessing zuke leaves must have a nasty smell because that's his favorite perfume (or would that be cologne since he's a boy?)! I sure hope he doesn't decide to start nibbling those leaves off!

The corn is right at the top of the fence now and doing great! I wasn't up as early today so I didn't get a dew on the leaves picture today. I was weally weally tired this morning...sorry.
The cukes aren't growing as fast as I thought they would but they look healthy. Anyone else growing cukes that seem to be taking a long time?
Here's the green peppers. They are looking a little bit better than last week and it looks like they are starting to put out some blossoms.
The peas are starting to vine up the trellis but I thought they would look a little more dense by now. I'll have to google them and see what they are supposed to look like.
More spinach is ready to be harvested. I'm thinking about taking some of the spinach out and adding something new to the garden since we are getting way more spinach than we will ever eat. Any suggestions on something that can be planted now that we'll end up with a harvestable veggie before the first frost?
Well...I'm off to take care of some of those chores I was procrastinating while I was sitting on the porch watching Peanut getting friendly with the garden.


the mama bird diaries said...

I'm really impressed. I don't know how to grow anything so I'm blown away.

Rene said...

I have no idea what I'm doing either! Don't be too impressed -- it's mostly a happy mistake! ;-)