Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tell me you'll still like me...k?

I hope you all don’t see me as a sell out but I just signed up with a service that provides ways to make a little extra money with your blog. With the cost of gas lately a little extra money would be great!! Who knows I might even make enough to start some giveaways!! I was surfing around the net one day trying to figure out how I can turn my love of writing into some extra income for our family. I was originally looking for opportunities to review products on commercial sites but found PayPerPost.com ( payperpost ) on the way. I like their system because you can choose what you blog about and you don’t have any quotas. Sort of reminded me of that scene in Pretty Woman where Julia says “I say who, I say what, I say how much!” Well…I don’t really get to say how much because that’s pretty much set but I’m totally in control of the other stuff. I do not plan on blogging about anything that I personally don’t believe in or have tried. I figure I already have a bunch of opinions about things and I blog about them all the time. Let’s see if I can match up those ramblings with someone who wants me to ramble about them! Besides maybe DS and his girlfriend won’t think I’m such a dork if I end up being able to take them out to dinner with my blogging bucks. I’m all about entertaining these kids – you’ve heard it before and I’m sure you’ll hear it again.

I do have some promises I’ll make to you all – I won’t sneak in sponsored blogs without telling you about it and I will try not to make my postings too annoying. Again…I’m all about the entertainment value!!

When you see this banner - that's all about me being transparent with you all! Hmmm...I wonder if being transparent makes you weightless too!


jeff said...

I still like you, Rene.

I do fairly well with Chitika and there Linx program.


They pay by paypal after just 10 bucks too.

Gina Conroy said...

Found you via Fruit Inspection. I signed up for Payper Post but never did anything with it. Instead, I do product reviews for MomCentral. Have you started posting for PPP?